VertiDeli’s meals are not only very tasty but also very sustainable. By choosing VertiDeli meals you contribute to the reduction of CO2 and to the reduction of animal suffering.

Next Gen Sustainable Food chain

Based on the Farm 2 Fork principles, we have created our own sustainable food chain. We only process vegetarian and vegan raw materials, using natural fermentation and automated handling to keep our veggies fresh. All veggies are packed under protected atmosphere. This allows us to distribute our fresh food outside the cold chain and keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

Our packaging is provided with FiliGrade CurveCode. Thanks to this solution, food packaging can be fully reused for the first time.

The VertiDeli R&D department has a strong focus on the further development of new food and technologies. This allows us to continuously innovate and make healthy food accessible to everyone.


The RefundBin is a patented machine for plastic recycling which is being developed by VertiDeli. It’s a closed waste system that only accepts VertiDeli packaging. When the user disposes a package, they will receive a refund in the form of shop credits. Expected launch date: 2024.

At VertiDeli we continue to work on making the food chain more sustainable.


Climate Goals 2025

We source our ingredients as locally as possible. We strive to be sustainable according to the PPP (Planet Profit People) development. We believe that true sustainability is not only better for the environment, but also for people, the company and the product.

Future developments, such as our patented RefundBin, will make a significant contribution to the global plastic recycling problem.

Saving CO₂

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Saving water

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Saving cattle

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Available in real time from 2023.

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