About us

We are VertiDeli, a Food Tech founded by Romerius. With VertiDeli we’ve been able to create a sustainable technology-driven food chain based on plant-based meals and that’s something we’re certainly very proud of! We can equip customers with our Delis to either automate their catering or boost retail sales. The delicious meals are sent by mail and are available everywhere.

Our chefs work on developing the world’s most delicious recipes every single day. This allows us to continue to surprise you. Both now and in the future.

Our background

Pierre Simons, who originally came from a well-known family of butchers, set up his first butcher’s shop in his garage in 1975. He brought meat to people’s homes and therefore probably offered the country’s first meat delivery service. He decided to specialise in Halal in 1996. He founded a company together with his son, René Simons, which became Simons Halal Food a few years later.

Their first customer was Merkez, a Turkish supermarket on LüneburgerStraße in Berlin. They started selling large volumes of processed meats very soon after the company’s launch. Simons Halal Food has since been sold. It certainly was a great success story and the factory number, EEG 77 NL, has become a global player in Halal.


VertiDeli aims to make the planet sustainable while serving delicious food; from Farm to Fork outside of the cold chain.

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